Hello to you and welcome. In the coming weeks, we are going to share with you some anecdotes, memories and achievements since our founding in 1960. Since the very beginning of the adventure of the optimists of Sainte-Foy, our late friend Benoit Morin published a journal called L’Échos du bridge. From the reading of this newspaper I brought out events, anecdotal achievements or full of small pieces of the life of our club since its foundations. You won’t have to read long texts to know everything. A few lines or short paragraphs. Come see us regularly and also follow these history capsules on our facebook page. It’s a date

Daniel, secrétaire of the club and webmaster

Before starting the history of the Club Optimiste de Sainte-Foy, let me give you a brief introduction to our movement

First in 1911, four 4 optimist clubs were founded. Buffalo, Denver, Louiseville and Washington clubs

In 1919, the first Optimist Congress was held in Louiseville, where the headquarters of Optimist International is located.

Then in 1923 the Optimist Congress was held at the Edgwater Hotel in Chicago. It was at this point that the optimist movement became international and that the 5 great points of optimism were established. What is optimism. Originally we concluded all is well in the best of all possible worlds as the meaning of the word optimism is much deeper we have now come to conclude the following immediate goals

Consider optimism as a philosophy of life

Promote a serious interest in civic and government affairs

Inspire respect for the law

Foster patriotism and work for international understanding

Help and encourage the youth

Now on October 30, 1960, the Sainte-Foy Optimist Club is officially founded and has 41 members. The first activity is on December 3 and it’s Christmas for the orphans. Each member was asked to pay a membership fee of $ 8 per month including meals and the Optimist International membership fee which was $ 5 annually.

Article 2:1960-61

Summer 1960 six men sitting on a small case of beer in front of a garage door discussing the possibility of founding an Optimist Club in Sainte-Foy. These merry fellows passed from words to deeds and on October 30, 1960, the Club optimiste Sainte-Foy was born. The first big activity was to coordinate the hosting of a team for the international peewee hockey tournament.

Another small gesture of the club members was to get involved financially in the community. Here is a small text taken from the parish leaflet of the parish of Notre-Dame de Sainte-Foy of June 25, 1961

We are pleased to mention for the attention of parishioners that the optimist club Sainte-Foy whose goal is the work of the little one guy generously gives his help to our day camp which will be held at Lac Saint Augustin for our boys and for our girls. On this occasion the optimist club Sainte-Foy will pay for the transport of 80 young people on Monday and Tuesday of the 1st week as well as the transport of 160 on Monday for the other 5 weeks. This gesture deserves our recognition and we hope that other organizations will want to emulate this generous gesture.

The cost of transportation for a bus is $ 15 per day

Article 3, 1962

January 62 organization of a sleigh ride. 4$ per couple

February ,the club was preparing its first public speaking competition. Seven young people presented their speeches.

On February 19,  it was stormy under the Quebec sky.

April 19-20-21-22, a sugar shack in the Place Laurier shopping center with sale of maple products as financing.

June 2 , First edition of the bicycle safety activity

June 11, conference by Colonel Robert Filteau, physician commander and consultant of the military hospital of Quebec This man of science explained in simple words how much Canada was involved in the east-west conflict for the supremacy of space.

August 31,first golf tournament at the club de Levis at a cost of $ 5 per player. Those who dont want to play, can come for the buffet and the dance party for $ 3. The clun count  50 members on 24 September 1962

Article 4, 1963

October district meeting at Les Grand Boulevard restaurant

November 9, bowling gala $ 1 at the Laurier bowling alley

February 18, carnival evening in Sainte-Foy $ 1 per person February

19 night of Les couches tard  at Château Frontenac hosted by Jacques Normand and Roger Beaulu

The club hosts young people participating in the Pee Wee tournament

May 23, 24 and 25 district convention in Shawinigan district 28

From June 1 to 8, Bicycle safety. Members visit 20 schools. At each visit there are screenings of awareness-raising films in collaboration with the National Film Office and the Ministry of Transport. Following the presentations, the young people had to take an exam. During this edition 75% of the young people successfully completed the exam and received a certificate of safe cyclist (5500 young participants) On June 8, the young people were invited to participate in a rally under the honorary chairmanship of Reverend Father G Lupien Founding Director of Cyclo Touriste Québec

June 23 to 27, optimist international convention in Toronto

Who are the members of our optimist clubs?

Thousands of businessmen, doctors, lawyers, professors, athletes who forgot their titles by mutual agreement take care of the particular needs of their communities where they are. From the humblest village to the largest metropolises combine their ideas and their talent. Optimists live on action fields where their joint effort is a glorious story

Why become an optimist?

To benefit from the advantages of an association of fellow human beings

The satisfaction that comes with good fellowship

Meet people in an atmosphere of warm friendship

Develop your talents as a speaker and leader and accentuate your personality traits

An opportunity to express personal ideas contributing to regional well-being

To put into practice the slogan of the friend of the little guy and relive his youth by taking care of young people

Continuously increase members’ knowledge through speakers and varied programs on hot topics

Expanding Relationships and Making Friends Across the Optimistic Kingdom

Article 5, year 1964

Spring 1964, the Club reserves the Manège Militaire des Voltigeurs and organizes a Cadillac dance. Dinner, dancing, entertainment and to conclude the evening, the club has a draw for a sparkling brand new Cadillac worth $ 6,000

As part of Expo Quebec from September 4 to 14, the Optimist Club is partnering with the Kiwanis Club and is organizing a large parade in the city on September 1. The star of this parade is a cow named Elsie, the Borden Dairy mascot. The star Elsie is welcomed by the Mayor of Quebec at the Town Hall from where the parade will start. She will be escorted by the Les Éclairs de Québec drum and bugle corps, by all available Optimist and Kiwanis members and the Quebec Police Service. The parade ends at the Victoria Park Police Station. Following this event, the Sainte-Foy Optimist Club and Kiwanis clubs will hold a booth at Expo Québec. More than 140,000 people visited the kiosk. Our friend Gaston Morin was the activity coordinator. This Kiosk is the main source of funding for Sainte-Foy Optimist Club and Kiwanis clubs.

In the rules of Optimist International, a point stipulates that if a member is absent more than three times without motivation he is expelled

On Monday December 7, the club is organizing the orphans supper with the young people of Mont Saint-Aubert. Each member is paired with a young orphan. The club donates $ 100 to Mont Saint-Aubert for the organization of winter sports activities

Article 6 ,1965

Gaston Morin is president of the club which has 48 members. The district governor is Claude Auger. The wives of the members were affectionately called the Optimettes

On February 7, Montreal hosts the District Assembly

The Trois-Rivières Optimist Club officially receives its charter on February 13. The cost of this charter evening is $ 15 per couple. People can rent a room at the Motel for as little as $ 6 per night based on double occupancy

On March 27 it is the turn of the Lorette Optimist Club to receive its charter, also $ 15 per couple.

On May 21, 22 and 23, 1965 our late friend René Caron is the organizer of the optimists’ convention at the Hotel L’Esterel

In August after several weeks of work, Henri Martel and his wife put to press a classic of the Club Optimiste de Sainte-Foy, his recipe book Les Bonnes Fourchettes du Québec. The cost of this book in 1965 was $ 1. Over the years, 50,000 copies have been printed. The club today only have a hundred

Article 7, 1966

January 7, social activity at the Relais. Sleigh ride, dancing, late-night buffet orchestra $ 6 per couple.

The club decides to support the drum and bugle corps, Les Diplomates de Québec. 74 young people make up this group. The club supports them financially and organizes trips to accompany them in competition.

March, canvassing for the founding of a club in Princeville

April 16, presentation of the Vanier club charter at the Motel Cardinal route 2 (boul. Hamel) Ancienne-Lorette. $ 10 couple

20 May 21 22 district assembly at Holliday Inn, registration $ 20. 37 participants from Club Sainte-Foy.

June 11, foundation of Club Shawinigan-sud

June 12, charter presentation of Club Princeville. $ 12 per couple

July 66, Les Diplomates de Québec competes at the Stade municipale Québec with 6 drum and bugle corps from Dorchester-Massachusetts, Ottawa, Drummondville and Shawinigan,

October 1. René Caron elected governor 66-67 Maurice Bilodeau elected as lieutenant-governor. Pierre Racine president of the Club Sainte-Foy composed of 43 members

November 66, youth rating. A young man will be proclaimed mayor for one day. He will replace Mayor Gilles Lamontagne. For the second part of this activity, another young person will be proclaimed Prime Minister for one day in place of Mr. Daniel Johnson Prime Minister of the province with official reception, conference and private visit of the National Assembly.

Article 8, 1967

As part of the Quebec Carnival in February 67, members of the Club Optimiste Sainte-Foy invite the President of the International Optimist to visit Quebec City and participate in the parade

In May 67 the oratarical speaking contest was held at the Quebec aquarium

On May 19.20.21 the district assembly takes place in Ottawa

On May 28, the Club is organizing a big evening with wine and cheese tasting for the benefit of the drum and bugle corps Les Diplomates de Québec

Article 9, 1968

The club renews and refines all of activities and takes an active part in the Quebec Winter Carnival. Members are also looking for a way to promote the oratarical speaking contest. That same year, the club began to take steps to buy land for the activities of the De Saint-Ursule scouts.

October 28, our friend Gaston Morin leaves for France with a seal from L’aquarium de Québec. He is going to give a lecture on the animals of Canada. Gaston is a world-renowned expert in the field, he hosts radio and television shows here and in France. Foundation of the first optimist youth club Ulysses in the greater region

November 13, club members kick off Youth Appreciation Week at the Quebec City Police Station in the presence of the Mayor of Quebec and Cardinal Maurice Roy. The same evening, the club, which is one of the governors of the Sainte-Foy arena, presented a check for $ 1000 to the mayor of Sainte-Foy Mr. Roland Baudin.

Article 10, 1969

February 12, the club welcomes Optimist International President Gene Stermberg and his wife Ruth. The président come to Quebec to participate in the Quebec Winter Carnival parade.

Mars 15, sugar shack at Place Laurier and sale of maple products for the benefit of the club

April 10, The Capuchin fathers of the Saint-Francois seminary, work closely together in the creation of the oratarical speaking contest. More than 800 texts were submitted for selection. Twelve young people will participate in the grand final. The theme was “Respect for the law is fundamental to any society”.

Under the chairmanship of Jean-Paul Hébert and after a year of research and development, the club acquired a magnificent St-Raymond field for the scouts of St-Ursule.

September 13 from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. the club presents the final of the oratarical speaking conteston  on Channel 4 (Now TVA). André Jean, star host of the station and member of the optimist club, hosts this program

To mark their 10 anniversary in 1970, the Sainte-Foy club wishes to found a new optimist club. They are considering a possibility in Saint-Raymond de Portneuf

Article 11, 1970

On years 1969 and 1970 was a very busy years

On october 25, 12 member delegation attend the Chicoutimi Optimiste charte presentation

november , fundraising Campaign, dinner showwith guess artist Jacques Desrosier (Patof the clown) 3.50$ per person

November 19, dinner to start the Saint-Raymond optimist club foundation

November 22 , a member delegation goes to Alma for the charter presentation of the Optimist Club of Alma, found by Grand-Mère Optimist Club

november 27, first recording of performances by 4 Young people in orataricle speaking contest, edition 1969-70

December 6,  charter presentation of the Optimist Club of Sainte-Croix de Lotbinière founded by Levis Optimist Club

December 31, end of year party at the Holliday Inn hotel Sainte-Foy 21h00. The cost: 15 per dancing couple, 2 orchestras and gourmet buffet

February 5, arrival at L’Ancienne-Lorette airport of the president of International Optimist Monroe Marlowe and his wife Evelyne. Represntative of each of the club are presnt to take him back to the Château Frontenac. The next day, february 6, a busy day. At 14h30 city tour,  16h30 hockey match at the peewee tournament, 17h30 cocktail and 19h30, ortarical speaking contest recording on Channel 4 ( now TVA ) . February 7, our international président is going home not badly tired but very impress by his tour.

February 10, Junior optimist parade as part of the Québec Winter Carnival

March 11, In ortder to facilitate recruitment and answer people’s question about optimist club, the club is hosting a 30 minute TV show  that airs on Channel 4.

May  9th, Charter presentation of the Optimist Club of Daveluyville, found by the Princeville Optimist Club, which has just been founded by the Sainte-Foy Club a feww months ago

May 29, Grand final  of the oratical speaking contest at Channel 4

June 20,  after 6 months of work, charter presentation othe Saint-Raymond Optimist Club

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